Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Curling season update

The first half of the season is over and we've been reclassified into Group A and B. We lost our first two matches but after a well placed bye week we regrouped and won our last two matches. With our victory last Sunday we ended up in a tie with the third place team in the other group for the final position in Group A.
We were given this choice: coin toss for the last spot in Group A or go into Group B and pick our bye week for the next half of the season. It was a tough decision, but we decided to go into Group B and pick our bye week. My basketball schedule is keeping me from being able to go one weekend and another teammate might not be able to make it that weekend either, so we went with keeping the team together the entire season.
Curling League has been great fun. We all look forward to it all week and then when we are done on Sunday night it's "dang it we have to go to work tomorrow".

Here's some pictures of the fun courtesy of Rob:
My form still needs a lot of work!

What proper form should look like.



Allison said...

I like your shirt. I am glad to see you are finding time to do extracurricular activities outside of work.

mom said...

Don't worry Greg the form will come. Just keep having fun and congratulations on your teams two wins.

Heather said...

Greg, I don't care what anyone says, you look like a badass.

Nick said...

As your Club president and mentor....
You are kicking ass for just starting Curling a few weeks ago!


Greg said...

Allison- I know! I'm actually a little surprised that shirt still fits, but it is getting good use during curling sessions.

Mom- Thank you Mom. I can always count on your words of praise and comfort!

Heather- Hmm. I don't know if curling and badass really go together, but I'll take it!

Nick- Thanks Nick! I'm having a great time!